Relate is our curriculum that teaches Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) techniques and tools to develop healthy relationships. Relate uses primary prevention which is the optimal public health model for avoiding and preventing health issues. This includes a balance of emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social health. We teach primary prevention of risk behavior through modules which focus on goal setting, communication, prevention of disease, risks for those that are sexually active, effectiveness of birth control methods and healthy relationships. Our Relate curriculum is taught in middle schools, high schools, youth groups, and colleges throughout Whatcom County. We have the option of teaching live in-person classes, live classes via Zoom or by video.

We have put together a curriculum for PARENTS as well. Let’s face it – having discussions with your child or teen regarding sex and relationships can be difficult. We are here to help! Call or email Tabitha for more information!

Relate both meets and exceed OSPI’s Healthy Youth Act’s requirements as follows:

  • Consistent with the Guidelines for Sexual Health and Disease Prevention
  • Age-appropriate (6th grade – adult curriculum)
  • Appropriate for students regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability status 
  • Taught throughout Whatcom County in classrooms and group settings
  • FREE of charge – We travel to your location and teach the Relate Curriculum for Free 

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For more information e-mail our Relate coordinator, Tabitha at: or call 360-671-8422 OR 360-671-9057