Pregnancy Services

Millions of women become pregnant each year, many of which are unplanned. If you think you may be pregnant, find out your options at Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic.

STI Testing

Worried you may have an STI? We offer free testing for men and women, by APPOINTMENT ONLY.


We offer a variety of evidence-based education programs to help you learn more about pregnancy, labor and delivery, infant first-aid, and much more.

Baby Weights

Are you concerned about your baby’s weight gain? We provide a space where parents can get their baby weighed and speak to a nurse.

Support Groups

Looking to find community and support during the difficult times? We offer a safe place where you can share your story and gain compassionate support.

We serve all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religious affiliation, or other arbitrary circumstances.

Our medical services are provided in accordance with all applicable laws, and in accordance with pertinent medical standards, under the supervision and direction of two licensed physicians.

We do not offer, or refer for abortions.

We do not profit from any of your sexual health or pregnancy decisions.

Our Clinic is faith-based, but our faith is never imposed on the clients we serve.