Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Testing

If you think you may be pregnant, our medical staff can answer your questions and offer free pregnancy testing that is fast and confidential*. Any woman seeking  pregnancy testing is welcome at WCPC, and walk-in appointments are available. If the test is positive, we are able to help determine due date, answer any questions, and discuss having an ultrasound. Upon request, we can provide an official written confirmation of pregnancy. Walk-in appointments for pregnancy testing available; dependent upon availability.


We offer a free limited ultrasound to help confirm pregnancy, determine fetal heart rate, and estimated due date. Every ultrasound is performed by our medical staff and reviewed by our licensed medical director so our patients receive the best quality care. To access this service, you first need to schedule a pregnancy test. If your test is positive and you’re estimated to be 6 weeks -13 weeks along with no medical exclusions (such as vaginal bleeding or significant cramping), you will then be scheduled for an ultrasound appointment. ULTRASOUNDS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Options Education

We have a skilled team of trained staff and medical professionals who are available to listen and advocate for our patients. They offer a caring, confidential*, non-judgmental presence as they partner with patients making difficult pregnancy decisions. We provide information on all the options our patients face, including abortion risks and procedures. By providing complete information, we believe that our patients will be equipped to make wise, life-affirming choices. 

*Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic will preserve all protected health information (PHI) of their patients according to federal and state government regulations.

We serve all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religious affiliation, or other arbitrary circumstances.

Our medical services are provided in accordance with all applicable laws, and in accordance with pertinent medical standards, under the supervision and direction of a licensed physician.

We do not offer, or refer for abortions.

We do not profit from any of your sexual health or pregnancy decisions.

Our Clinic is faith-based, but our faith is never imposed on the clients we serve.