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If you have experienced pregnancy loss, you may be interested in the Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic’s mentoring services.

 Experiencing a pregnancy loss during any point of pregnancy or childbirth can create an emotional reaction, including feelings of shock, confusion, anger, sadness or relief. These feelings are not right or wrong, may differ from other women, and change from day to day. It may be difficult for others to understand how a woman who has lost a pregnancy is feeling, and it may be a challenge for her even to understand her own feelings. Not only does a woman deal with an emotional response, but there is also a real physical response because of hormonal changes.

 It can help to talk about your experiences and receive support. The Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic has staff and clinic volunteers available if you would like to talk with someone about your experience, or if you would like after-abortion information or support. Please stop by the clinic or give us a call at (360) 671-9057.

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