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If your pregnancy is unexpected and brings more questions than answers, it is helpful to remember that you have time to make a decision. You can take steps to become fully informed. Start by confirming your pregnancy with a medically accurate pregnancy test, educating yourself about your options, and having an ultrasound to confirm viability.

You can meet with a pregnancy mentor at the Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic to discuss services available for pregnant and parenting women and couples.

Parenting is both challenging and rewarding. Whether a woman chooses to parent as a single parent or with a partner, there are many ways she can prepare to be a good parent. Whether her parents were excellent role models or parents she does not want to imitate, she can begin to make choices now to ensure a healthy, loving and secure future for her baby.

If you are considering parenting, check out our list of community resources for ideas and information. WCPC also offers a parenting program to assist women prepare for parenting.

Adoption can be a healthy choice for a woman or couple facing an unplanned pregnancy. A decision to make an adoption plan is often empowering to the woman or couple and beneficial for the child. It can give the child the opportunity to live in a two-parent, financially-stable home. Here are reasons some women choose adoption:

  • I am not yet financially ready to raise a child and want the child to have a financially stable home.
  • I would like to reach educational or career goals before starting a family.
  • I am not in a healthy living situation and want a better home for the baby.
  • My partner is not supportive of the pregnancy and parenting, and I want the baby to be raised in a two-parent, supportive home.

If you are considering placing your child for adoption, finding a credible and competent adoption agency or attorney is important. There are many potential benefits of adoption. WCPC is an excellent source of information about adoption. We can help you understand the types of adoptions and find a qualified adoption agency.

Abortion is a procedure to terminate a pregnancy. There are different forms of abortion:

  • Medical: specific medications can be used to end the pregnancy.
  • Surgical: different surgical procedures including vacuum or suction aspiration, dilation & curettage (D&C), and dilation & evacuation (D&E).

The type of abortion used is based on gestational age, or how far along a pregnancy is. Read more information about abortion procedures.

Gestational age is determined by an ultrasound. Because it is possible to have a false-positive pregnancy test, a pregnancy should be confirmed through ultrasound. An ultrasound can determine if the pregnancy is viable, or capable of developing. Read more information about our ultrasound program.